1. Download and set up MetaMask or Trust Wallet (Metamask or Safepal on iPhone)

2. Purchase Binance Smart Chain tokens ($BNB BEP-20) and send them to your wallet.

3. Click on the “Connect” button and connect your wallet using WalletConnect.

4. Insert the amount of BNB you would like to swap for Cryptolic ($CPTLC)

5. Change Slippage to between 12-15%

6. Press Swap and confirm the pop-up

You are now a holder of Cryptolic

What is $CPTLC?

Cryptolic is a deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This token will reflect the team’s initiative to provide meaningful growth vehicles for holders and partners. An integrated organization with a passion for expanding the utility, development, and community of DeFi.

Cryptolic (CPTLC) serves as a unique way to gain rewards from the buy/sell volume, and additionally through profit sharing from the Service Agency. This allows holders to use Cryptolic as a long-term growth vehicle even during times of market fluctuation.

Hotshot Rewards Logo

One of the main features of Cryptolic is the HotShot Rewards. This reward distribution method is designed to encourage trading action to release additional BUSD rewards.

When BUSD enters the HotShot, it is split between 5 levels. As a level’s release threshold is achieved, that level will send it’s BUSD to the main contract for distribution. Each level will grow independently toward their individual threshold.

By the time the 25k Diamond tier pays the FIRST time each tier will have payed out this many times;

1K Bronze Tier – 24 times (24k)
2.5K Silver Tier – 9 times (22.5k)
5k Gold Tier – 4 times (20k)
10k Platinum Tier – 2 times (20k)
Total payout – 86.5k


When the 25k pays out these thresholds will be met at the same time;

Bronze – 1k
Silver – 2.5k
Gold – 5k
Platinum – Will hit with the rest every now and then.
Diamond – 25k
Total – 33.5K

Total BUSD payout to holders at the time of the FIRST 25k payout will be over 120K when adding in normal BUSD rewards from trading.

Token Functions

A simple token that taxes the buy/sell transactions. We take this tax and split it evenly between BUSD Rewards and the HotShot Rewards.

For every buy and sell, an amount equal to half the tax will be burned from Cryptolic Ops.



Total Tax


BUSD Rewards


HotShot Rewards

Token Allocation


Private Sale (72t)


Presale (228t)


LP (162t)


CPTLC Ops (100t)


Team Wallet (50t)


Dev/Mktg (50t)


Reserve (338t)

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