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Leadership Team

David | Operations

As a successful entrepreneur, David brings almost 10 years of marketing experience to Cryptolic. Consulting for several organizations has afforded him experience in launching a brand from start to finish with limited resources.

Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @TheSimNerd
Discord: @TheSimNerd#3128

Zach | Strategy

With over 14 years of experience in strategic management and organizational leadership, Zach brings a passionate approach to the effective use of people, resources, and time. Building value in our clients is his top priority.

Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @The_Real_Shark_Nado
Discord: @SharkNado#7336

Kevin | Engineering

With over 26 years of IT experience,  Kevin found himself expanding that passion into the world of cryptocurrency. With his background in development and project management, he will ensure that Cryptolic and it’s clients grow.

Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @totenmacher
Discord: @Totenmacher#4524



The Design team creates digital and print assets for clients, merch, internal marketing, and more. This team is filled with highly skilled and creative people who have a passion for design, creativity, and branding.


Our technical team is responsible for our internal infrastructure, contract development, audting, as well as research. These highly skilled engineers are what makes Cryptolic stand out. We don’t outsource our development.


Our strategy team is built with marketing and sales experts who know how the industry works inside and out. They know how to properly structure and market a launch, build brand recognition, and even fix the PR nightmares when someone makes a mistake. 

Web & Media

Our web and media team is responsible for all of our internal web assets, client websites, media production, and media asset management. This team is filled with creative and skilled people who love putting design to work.


We have a rockstar community team. These members come from all over the world to help our clients build out an authentic and engaging community. They have fun and can help bring your community the engagement it needs.


Our business team brings professionalism and excellence to our clients. We manage projects, onboard clients, and keep Cryptolic running smoothly. This team helps our clients stay on task and ready for growth.

Have what it takes?

We are looking for creative designers, skilled programmers, business development and more.