The task at hand?

  • Lead and manage all internal cross-functional teams during the project lifecycle for all Brand projects. This includes brand creative, social content, digital content, digital builds, and events.
  • Liaise with finance, operations and legal teams on project and client needs
  • Communicate directly with clients around budget, timelines, process & deliverables.
  • Lead and schedule necessary project-related meetings such as kickoffs, brainstorms, and deliverable reviews
  • Responsible for Scope of Work task, timeline, and budget development
  • Responsible for all vendor agreements and other contract documents.
  • Report on resourcing, budgeting, and revenue realization

The ideal candidate has:

  • 3-5 years of experience managing projects, coordinating teams, and/or other planning-related duties, preferably in the digital space
  • Budget development and contract (SOW) writing experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • A strong understanding of agency processes, including creative production, paid media and digital builds – interest in optimizing those processes is a strong plus
  • A cool, calm and collected approach to problem solving
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment
  • Strong self-awareness and people-management skills
  • Understanding of relevant social media platforms and their requirements
    • Collaborate with Client Service partners on project planning to meet client goals
    • Develop initial cost estimates for executions given project knowns, assumptions, t creation for incremental projects
    • Write Statement of Work based on project requirements, Client requirements, project plan, and larger executional context
    • Schedule development for projects given client needs, current projects and various processes
    • Work with DPM or VP to develop or customize any project-specific projects or needs
    • Be client-facing to speak to budget, timing, resource & process considerations
  • Project Execution
    • Budget management, including review of actual hours & expenses, against timeline;
    • Scope tracking (timing, deliverables); if a change occurs, planning what can be done in scope and what can’t
    • Schedule management, ensuring inter-departmental teams know timing for meetings, milestones, deliverables & completion
    • Collaborate with Creative team leads to manage team tasks, next steps, bandwidth, and needed resources
    • Collaborate with producers to build & manage holistic budgets and timelines that will meet production needs for an ask as creative is developed
    • Work with agency specialty departments (in/strat, smart, tech, etc), on budget, timing & task management to ensure their inputs and outputs on a project are aligned with larger timing & milestone needs
    • Traffic deliverables to Client and/or Client Service team
  • Project Wrap
    • Ensure all working and final project assets are consolidated in appropriate folders on the server; all shared documents are in one folder on Drive; all contracts are signed and on box
    • Sign off on project expenses from Finance
    • Ensure all time has been put against a job with Biz Ops
    • Ensure all project wrap documents are done by appropriate team members (completion reports)
  • Agency Business Support
    • Understand larger business implications of project and retainer work, and support DPM, CS leads & Biz Ops to make informed financial & staffing decision based on current and projected work
Job Category: Business Operations
Job Type: Freelance Full Time Internship Part Time
Job Location: Remote

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