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Our Solutions

We help the Crypto and DeFi space grow their business, projects, community, and overall impact. Personalized service to match you and your goals. We want to maximize your project’s potential.

Contract Development

Our team can help develop and test custom smart contracts, presale contracts, and more. We use highly secure and robust development standards to make sure your new contract is rock solid and ready for launch.


Contract Auditing & Certification

Our comprehensive contract audits go beyond the competition. With our SENTINEL Contract Standard, we ensure that only the safest contracts get certified. Always ask for a Cryptolic Audit.

Branding & Design

Building a crypto business is more than just a secure contract. You are building a brand. Our team of rockstar designers can help bring your vision to light. We develop core brand design, graphics, ads, and much more


Web Design & Support

Building a website is critical to providing information, resources, and brand awareness. We build stable, effective, and secure websites to bring your community together. We also host and support it. 

Listing Support

Getting on some of the listing sites can be a challenge. With all of the  strict guidelines and buereaucracy, we can help guide your through the process. We can structure your application, do the proper research, submit your application, and get you listed. 

Press Release Support

Launching any PR campaign is a challenge. Using our network of media partners, we are able to get your announcements out and in the limelight.

Community Development

Building a strong community is honestly one of the hardest parts of launching a token. We don’t use bots or tricks. Just real people who love crypto.

Strategy Consulting

Not sure of a direction? How about what to do next? We can help you develop out your token strategy, business plan, marketing plan, brand strategy, and more. We love to talk crypto.

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